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Rover is the marketplace for shared parking.

By using Rover, you can impact:


PARKING with Rover is fast, easy and cheap. A few taps on your phone is all it takes.


SHARING your empty driveway when you're not using it allows you to make extra $ $ $.


SUPPORTING a sharing market helps make communities safer, cleaner and less congested.

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Parking Has A New Best Friend

Rover lets you find reliable parking in your city without breaking the bank.

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It's like the AirBnB or Uber for parking.

Globe & Mail's Most Promising Startup

Drive Change - Get Involved in the Sharing Economy

Your empty driveway can earn you some extra cash

Making our city a smarter, cleaner, better place to live.

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Make the air cleaner and your community safer and less congested

Tap the app, get a spot

Rover is the smartest way to park. One tap and you've booked a spot.

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Ready anywhere, anytime

Get a spot for as short as 15 minutes. Extend your booking if you need more time.

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Low-cost to convenience

Book a spot where you want without breaking the bank.

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Join a movement that's about more than just cars and concrete

Part of our profits support pet shelters.

Free parking helps reduce impaired driving.

Distributed parking helps reduce congestion.

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