Why list with Rover?

You can turn your idle spots into extra income


All parkers are verified and peer reviewed. All payments are handled via Stripe.


Rover eliminates circling around the block to look for street parking. This reduces fuel consumption, which in-turn lowers CO2 emissions and reduces congestion.

Disrupting an industry

We're creating a brand new supply of parking and upsetting a stale industry. With Rover, parking is now an enjoyable & exciting experience.

Getting started is easy

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Some basic information to setup and verify your account.


Create your spot

Start with your address. Then add a great photo, and a quick description. Finally, set the times when your spot is available and that's it!


Get paid

We notify you when a Rover user parks in your spot. Your money is directly deposited into your bank account.

The smart option

Better for the environment

Reduce congestion

30% of traffic is caused by vehicles circling searching for parking. With Rover, vehicles drive directly to their parking spot thereby reducing congestion.

Reduce emissions

Over 5 million tons of CO2 are emitted by vehicles each year, per city. With Rover, parking is fast and direct.

Reduce consumption

Over 300 million litres of fuel are used per year by vehicles looking for parking in cities. Parking with Rover reduces that amount.

Reduce defoliation

Emissions from maintaining parking lots can be greater than those from driving. Getting rid of traditional parking lots allows for more trees & greenery.

How much can I earn?

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How much can I earn?