Spot Owner Guide - Android

1. Adding a Spot

Select "Share Parking" [] from the main menu and follow the instructions.

    The home screen

    The home screen

    2. Best Practices For Listing

    For the best results, photos should be taken landscape mode, and from a bit of a distance. It is also good practice to try and include a few reference points as well. Try to imagine the most clear and effective way for a user to arrive in your parking spot(s).

    For an optimal description, try to be as clear and concise as possible. For example, if your spot is in an alley, let the user know which streets to access it from, and on what side of the street the spot is located.

    Example 1: Enter Rover Lane on the west side of Oriole, just south of Eglinton. Go 50 metres down the lane and turn left. The spot will be immediately to your right, look for a Rover sign.

    Example 2: Please park on the left side of the driveway, leaving room for another vehicle on the right. Please don’t park over the sidewalk.

    The bottom line is that more is better. We have found that it makes a big difference with users when they look for a spot that has effective descriptions and detailed pictures, as they are able to find your spot much more easily.

      Good example of a parking spot

      Good example of a parking spot

      Bad example of a parking spot

      Bad example of a parking spot

      3. Adding Multiple Spots

      If you would like to list more than one spot at your location, it is definitely possible, but you must list each of them individually. This way the spots can be individually booked and have separate photos and descriptions for each spot.

        4. Editing Your Schedule and Price

        You can edit your schedule at any time from within the app. Simply select your spot from the home screen or the “Share Parking” [] section of the main menu, and adjust the schedule and pricing as required. You'll always have full control of the scheduling and pricing.

          5. How to Turn OFF Your Schedule

          Without adjusting the current schedule, you can turn your spot OFF at any time. To do so, open the spot page and look for the "Schedule ON/OFF". toggle found at the bottom of the screen.

          * Please remember to turn off your spot if you plan to use it during scheduled hours.​

          For example, if your normal schedule is 8 AM to 6 PM (M-F), but you are going to be working from home on Wednesday - it’s important to turn your schedule off on Tuesday night, and turn it back on Wednesday night. If you forget, it can cause a lot of headache for users when they arrive at an occupied spot that appears as available on the map.

          The most important thing to remember as a lot owner is that if you need your parking spot while your spot schedule is on and currently available - you MUST turn it off. Just make sure to open your spot on the app, and press the "Schedule ON/OFF" button at the bottom. You can turn your schedule back on whenever your spot is free.

          The reason this is crucial is because it can create a poor experience for a Rover user if they arrive at a spot and aren't able to park. It can cause users to be late and frustrated. They will also lose confidence in your spot and might give you a low rating, so you’re hurting your future demand. Rover is a community app and relies on the good participation of everyone who uses it. Thanks for helping us to keep things running smoothly!

            Turning off your parking spot schedule

            Turning off your parking spot schedule

            6. How to Add a Bank Account

            Banking information can be added in the “Payouts” [] section of the main menu.

            • Institution #s should be 3 digits.
            • Transit #s are generally 5 or 6 digits.
            • Account #s are usually 7 digits.

            * Note: If you’re having any difficulty, shoot us an email at ​​ and we’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, if you send us a photo of a VOID cheque, we’ll enter it for you.

            7. How Does the Revenue Breakdown?

            The first $0.50 of every transaction covers our payment processing fee. Of the remainder, Rover takes a 25% commision, and 75% goes into your pending account. Our fee covers marketing costs, platform operation, servers, user base access and vetting, account set up and maintenance, signage, customer support and accounting.

              8. How Does Daily Max Pricing Work?

              In order to stay competitive, Rover automatically assigns a daily maximum price between the hours of 7 am and 6 pm. The default price is $10. So regardless of your hourly price, no user will pay more than that between those hours. There is also an overnight max of $7 from 6 pm to 7 am. On weekends, the limits are $5 and $5 for day and night.

                9. When Will I Get Paid?

                When your spot is booked for the first time, it will begin collecting funds in a pending account. Once a week (Wednesday), we send all those funds to your bank. From there, the bank will sometimes take a few days to clear the transaction, it depends on their internal processes. This process is all automated once your banking info is entered into the system, and users begin to park in any of your spots.

                  10. How Can I See a History of My Spot's Earnings?

                  Select the receipt icon [] found on the top right of the spot page to see the associated transaction history for the spot.

                    11. What’s My Next Payout Amount?

                    Select “Account Balance” [] from the main menu to see your next payout amount.

                      12. How Can I See Who Is/Has Parked in My Spots?

                        Parked users on home screen

                        Parked users on home screen

                        Using the above image as a reference, scroll left or right in the screen areas indicated by the red box.

                        13. Pricing - Best Practices and Limits

                        For Rover to work as a competitive sharing platform, especially during launch periods, we recommend setting your price at around 20% less than nearby commercial parking lots.

                        There are three sets of times that parking rates are capped:

                        • Day Time Maximum (M-F): Between 7 AM and 6 PM, the default daily max is $10.
                        • Night Time Maximum: Between 6 PM and 7 AM, the default nightly max is $7.
                        • Weekend Rates: Day - $7, Night - $5

                        * Note: If you think your area should have a higher or lower limit, whether it be on weekdays or weekends, shoot us an email and we’ll look into it on a case-by-case basis.

                        14. Signs/Signage

                        You don’t have to put up a Rover sign, but we do encourage it. We have multiple sizes and types available; to request one simply send an email to ​

                        Signs help to increase the visibility of your spot and makes it easier for a Rover user to find you.

                          15. How Do I Contact Support?

                          From the main menu, select “Contact Rover” []. You can also select “Support” from the drop down menu in the top right corner of the spot page [].

                            16. What Should I Do If Someone Parks Too Long/Incorrectly in My Spot?

                            Let us know at ​ - we will resolve all issues relating to parking problems immediately.

                            We’ll reach out to the owner of the vehicle and ask them to extend the amount of time booked, or to relocate their vehicle. If that fails, then you’re within your rights to have the vehicle towed.

                              17. Referral Credit

                              Have some friends that are interested in trying Rover out? Under the “Free Parking” section of the main menu, you will find your unique shareable code. The recipient will receive a $10 credit to try Rover, and you’ll also get $10 credit as soon as they park for the first time. You’ll also get $25 credit if someone lists a spot with Rover.

                              • Where to enter code (Android): Share your code with the recipient, and make sure they enter the code into the text box found in the “Promotions” section of the main menu
                              • Where to enter code (iOS): Share your code with the recipient, and have them enter the code into the textbox found at the bottom of the Refer screen.
                              How to refer a friend

                              How to refer a friend

                              * Note: The credit will not be applied to your account until the recipient has tried Rover. This is to prevent credit fraud.

                              18. How Do I See My Credit Balance?

                              Your account credit balance can be found at the top of the main menu, to the right of the main Rover logo.